My game has no sound!

Flip the mute button on the side of your IOS device to the off position.

How does the game save work?

If you are on an IOS device, the game should be restored to exactly where you were when you closed the application. If however, your phone is powered off, the battery runs out, or you update the phone, the backup save state is used. This saves your game at the beginning and end of each round.

If you are playing the computer versions of the game, only the backup save saves your game.

Will Continue? be coming to Android or Windows phones?

If sales are good enough to warrant the purchase of the software license, yes. If this happens it will likely be early in 2014. For updates on this, like on facebook or follow on twitter.

Is the computer version joystick compatible?

Yes, you can map a joystick to the controls.

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Why the clumsy name?

To let people know they're getting into something weird, different, artsy, and playful. You can just call it Continue? to save time.


they gutted us a mile high, deep, and wide...and left a crater...where they'd pushed the mountain aside.

my lightning. my prayer.